MOMS Club means something unique to each member. Below are some testimonials of what MOMS club has meant to these families.

“Having a baby can be a wonderful and daunting experience. You know you’re joining
the ranks of many who have done it in the past, yet all the while, it can feel quite lonely
and intimidating. Then MOMS Club comes along and you realize, ‘This is my village.
This is my community and support group.’ And as your baby grows up within the group,
you say to yourself, ‘These are his friends. And these mothers have become MY friends!’
It has been amazing to share this wonderful roller coaster ride with our neighbors and
meet so many interesting women in this crazy, unique experience called motherhood!”
– Michelle (Mother to 2 1/2 year-old boy and an infant girl)

“As someone new to the area, the mom’s club has been such a great resource
and place to connect with others in the neighborhood. The sense of community
and support has been wonderful and I am thrilled to be part of this group.”
-Amy (Mother of boy and girl, two-year-old twins)

“CC MOMS Club East has been a great way to meet my neighbors and be involved in my
community. With young children, I think it’s especially important to know people in the
immediate vicinity and create a network of local friends who are available for playdates,
support, babysitters, and information. Being involved in the club and its activities has
made our area feel like a small town in the middle of large, sometimes impersonal city.
I love that we can go to our local parks at any time and see familiar faces or call a nearby
mom to ask if they can let you borrow an egg because you are one short. I have made true
friends in this club, and I think it’s a great resource for the entire family.”
-Suzanne (Mother of two)

“Moms Club has introduced me to so many neighbors and friends
and informed me of community events for families. It’s really
connected me to the heart of Culver City.”
-Lisa Marie (Mother of two girls, three and one)

“I was looking for a way to connect with other moms, and I am so glad
that I was introduced to MOMS Club. We’ve made great friends and had
so much fun playing and getting to know the families in our group. It
takes a village, and this club really became that for us. Moms’ nights
out have also allowed me to relax and relate with the moms on another
level. I am just so thankful.”
Parrish (Mother of a two-year-old girl)

“I never knew that such a big city could feel so small. Whether it’s the park, grocery store, or farmers market, I’m always bumping into MC moms. I’ve made such sweet friendships through playgroups and moms night outs. I truly really treasure this club for all of the relationships my family has formed through it.”
Candice (Mother of a three-year-old girl and infant boy)